Rector's Message

Rector's Message

Istanbul Gelişim University, as a new generation and dynamic university, aims to be a prestigious world university in the international arena with its developing, productive, and quality education approach that adapts to the requirements of the age. It has adopted the task of contributing to the country, society, and humanity through science.

As a new generation university, Istanbul Gelisim University has adopted the mission of making progress that will contribute to the country, society and people through science, with the aim of becoming a prestigious world university that has gained a place in the international arena with its modern, developing, and quality education understanding. 

Our university aims to raise innovative, entrepreneurial, fair and responsible individuals who are successful on a global scale with its qualified teaching staff, constantly developing opportunities, national and international standards and give importance to science, technology, research and development.

At Istanbul Gelisim University, which is the higher education institution with the highest number of internationally accredited programs in Turkey, 85% of our faculty programs and 50% of all programs are accredited. Our students who graduate from accredited departments have internationally valid diplomas and gain advantages on a global scale in their careers. The successful grades we have received in the "Quality Education" category from the world's respected higher education rating institutions demonstrate that we are in the right direction.

We intend to be a prestigious "Research University" that will contribute to the production of new technologies with the breakthroughs we will make in the field of health technology and engineering in the future. We are aware of the potential of our country in the field of research and development, and we will create synergies in this direction by implementing big projects in the light of science. We raise 
free-spirited, innovative  and entrepreneurial individuals on this path that we set out with the slogan "Be Open to Development", and we believe wholeheartedly in our young people, to whom we entrust the future.   


Prof. Dr. Bahri Şahin


Created Date: :   Friday, June 1, 2018