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Consuming cheese suggestion at suhoor against bad breath caused by tooth decay

Dentist Lect. Nuri Yeniev made suggestions to prevent bad breath, which is a serious problem who fasting during Ramadan. Lect. Yeniev stated that cheese, which prevents tooth decay in terms of some minerals it contains, may be effective for bad breath caused by decay.

Pointing out that it would be beneficial to consult a dentist first against oral and dental health problems such as caries, abscesses and tartar, which may occur due to prolonged thirst during Ramadan, reducing the saliva buffering effect; Lect. Nuri Yeniev, Istanbul Gelisim University Faculty of Dentistry, shared significant information to protect oral health in this process.

Not doing oral care regularly can have negative effects on dental health, and bad breath can also cause problems that affect social life. Lect. Yeniev stated the following: The foods consumed in iftaar and suhoor are also effective for dental health. Consuming cheese in sahur is crucial in preventing bad breath. Some minerals in cheese prevent the formation of caries. Healthy teeth that do not develop cavities also prevent the formation of bad breath.”

Beware of caries and gum disease!

Lect. Nuri Yeniev talked about the most common oral and dental health problems in Ramadan: “The most common problem is bad breath. Moreover, with the change in our eating habits, the risk of caries may increase since the decrease in the saliva rate in the mouth and the decrease in the physical cleaning provided through food cause caries and some gum diseases.

Measures to prevent bad breath

Lect. Yeniev listed the measures to be taken regarding bad breath: “Some measures can be taken to prevent bad breath in Ramadan. It is necessary to pay attention to the brushing of the teeth. We recommend brushing your teeth twice, morning and evening. However, it is necessary to pay attention to the cleaning of the tongue and surrounding tissues, cheeks, lips and the whole mouth. Tongue brushes can be used for that. Particularly the use of mouthwash is very crucial. For those who do not want to use mouthwash, we recommend that they gargle with salt water.’’

Consume “cheese” at suhoor

It is possible to get rid of bad breath with consumed foods. Lect. Yeniev remarked: “A dryness of the mouth occurs with excessive use of tea, coffee and cigarettes. In order to avoid dry mouth, plenty of water should be consumed between iftaar and suhoor during the Ramadan month. When dry mouth occurs, bad breath also occurs. Consuming cheese in suhoor is significant in preventing bad breath since some minerals in cheese prevent the formation of caries. Healthy teeth that do not cause decay also prevent the formation of bad breath. Furthermore, it is also beneficial to have oral and dental check-ups done by professionals before Ramadan.”

How must proper care be during the day?

Some routines can also be developed for oral care that will not endanger fasting during the day. Lect. Yeniev pointed out: “We find it sufficient to brush the teeth twice, suhoor and iftaar. The important thing is to do the physical cleaning of the mouth and teeth. In this regard, miswak can be used. During the day, a physical cleaning can be achieved with it. Moreover, cleaning is ensured by brushing without using any toothpaste.

How to properly brush your teeth

Lect. Yeniev also gave information about the mistakes made in brushing teeth and concluded his words as follow: “Floss must be used. Correct brushing is done by making light brushing movements at an angle of 45 degrees from the gingiva to the tooth. Wrong brushing can cause problems for gum health. In this regard, brushing must be done from top to bottom in the upper jaw and from the bottom up in the lower jaw. Teeth must be brushed without pressing the brush too much on the chewing surfaces.

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