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IGU academicians ranked as the world's most influential scientists

The most influential scientists in the world have been determined by using the scientific impact index under the coordination of the United States of America Stanford University. Four academicians from Istanbul Gelisim University have their names written on the "World Top 2% Scientists" list.

The most influential scientists in the world have been determined. 4 academicians from Istanbul Gelisim University took part in the ranking, which consists of variables such as the number of scientific articles, the number of citations, and the order of the authors. The ranking has been created by taking into account the work of scientists over the past 70 years (1950-2020).


Two faculty members from Istanbul Gelisim University are among the top 183 thousand scientists. While Assoc. Prof. Shehzad Ashraf from the Faculty of Architecture and Engineering is in the list at 26,473 rank, Prof. Dr. Kemal Türker from the Faculty of Dentistry is ranked 165,575th.


The names in the list, in which the 2020 studies are examined and the scientists who are ranked in the 2% of the world are listed, are Asst. Prof. Andrew Alola and Asst. Prof. Festus Bekun from the Faculty of Economics, Administrative and Social Sciences and Assoc. Prof. Shehzad Ashraf from the Faculty of Engineering and Architecture.


"It is very enjoyable to be a part of the world's most influential 2% of scientists," said Assoc. Dr. Shehzad Ashraf and added, “This year, my name is on both the 2020 lists and the list covering 60 years of data. Recognition of one's contributions is more motivating, and such rankings not only motivate the researchers named, but also set a target for those not mentioned here. Last year, two researchers from Istanbul Gelisim University were part of the top 2% list, and this year four researchers have taken part. We would like to thank IGU Vice Rector Prof. Dr. Nail Öztaş for fully acknowledging our trust and contributions, and for providing the necessary resources, working and academic freedom and an extremely encouraging environment.”

Stating that it is proud to be among the best academics, Asst. Prof. Festus Victor Bekun and Asst. Prof. Andrew Adawale Alola said, “However, this milestone is not just mine but it is the success of all my collaborators and academic advisors spanning more than 100 co-authors.”

Prof. Dr. Kemal Türker said, “Exciting news. It has been really great that my scientific research, which I have devoted my years to, has made a worldwide impact.”

IGU academicians ranked as the world's most influential scientists Created Date: :   Wednesday, October 27, 2021

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