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RUR results have been announced: IGU ranked 391st in the world and 7th in Turkey in the 'International Diversity' indicator!

According to the results announced by Round University Ranking (RUR), which is one of the organizations ranking world universities, Istanbul Gelisim University ranked 1122nd in the world general ranking and 33rd among universities in Turkey. Continuing to progress with the vision of "World University", IGU achieved a great success by being ranked 391st in the world and 7th in Turkey in the "International Diversity" indicator.

Round University Ranking (RUR), one of the prestigious institutions ranking world universities, announced its 2023 results. Evaluating the leading universities around the world according to a total of 20 indicators under the headings of Teaching, Research, International Diversity and Financial Sustainability, RUR evaluates certain criteria for its ranking. While determining the scores of the universities, 40% of the teaching and research dimensions as the main indicators, and 10% of the international diversity and financial sustainability indicators are reflected in the total score.

IGU stands out its 'Web Visibility' and 'Social Media'
The list, published by the RUR Rankings Agency for 14 years, evaluates higher education institutions every year according to the criteria of "teaching, research, international diversity and financial sustainability" as an international rating platform. According to the announced ranking, Istanbul Gelisim University (IGU) ranked 1122 in the world ranking and 33rd among universities in Turkey.

Standing out in the "International Diversity" indicator in the 2023 rankings, IGU has reached the "Bronze League" with the rise it has shown in the last 3 years. Ranking 391st in the world and 7th in Turkey, IGU achieved a significant success. In the same indicator, IGU, which is the 40th university in the world in "International Co-Authored Papers", ranked 3rd in Turkey. Thus, IGU has achieved to the 'Diamond League', which is the most valuable of these rankings.

According to the ranking announced in the Teaching, Research and Financial Sustainability indicators, IGU ranked 1117th in the world and 30th in Turkey in the 'Teaching' indicator. In the 'Web visibility', which is included in the same indicator, it ranked 640th in the world and 11th in Turkey in line with the digital strategies it implements globally.
In the 'research' indicator, it ranked 1116th in the world and 34th in Turkey. IGU ranked 660th in the world and 27th in Turkey in terms of "Social media visibility" in line with its success in national and international posts and stories with the content it produces on a social, cultural and academic basis.

In the “Financial Sustainability” indicator, IGU ranked 1075th in the world and 31st in Turkey.

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RUR results have been announced: IGU ranked 391st in the world and 7th in Turkey in the 'International Diversity' indicator! Created Date: :   Thursday, June 1, 2023

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