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'Sisyphus II' exhibition opens on 7 December

Dr. Cansın İlayda Çetin's "Sisyphus II" exhibition, which includes art, architecture and religious figures, meets art lovers in Istanbul on 7-30 December.

The second stop of the "Sisyphus I" exhibition, which was created with the photo shoots at Sancaklar Mosque, of which Emre Arolat was the architect, and which was first shown in Ankara, is Istanbul Gelisim University (IGU) Gelisim Art Gallery.

Making statements about the exhibition by saying, “The photographs I take are not just a cross section of the reality conveyed to the image”, Dr. Cansın İlayda Çetin from the Faculty of Fine Arts of Istanbul Gelisim University continues “The photographs can also be interpreted as works that draw attention to the mobility of architecture. Reflections and shadows arising from the material and light of the existing architectural structure add details to the images formed in our minds about photography. In this respect, photographs will point to objects that we idealize in our intellectual world, which will activate our perceptions of reality rather than reality itself.”

The exhibition will be open to art lovers until 30 December.

'Sisyphus II' exhibition opens on 7 December Created Date: :   Thursday, December 2, 2021

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