Istanbul Gelisim University


Next Generation Innovation

The driving force behind creating a better life for everyone is innovation. With potential opportunities discovered in many areas that affect each other from health to technology, education to sports, we are reshaping our collective future. With the power we get from innovation, we provide a working environment for people to dream together, evaluate opportunities, and turn ideas into reality.

Innovation Centers

To provide the necessary information and guidance for academicians, researchers, students and graduates to start their own initiatives and to create necessary collaborations for this purpose.

Teknoloji Transfer Ofisi

In parallel with the strategic goals of our university, to manage, effectively use, and fairly distribute the financial resources allocated in order to ensure that national and international scientific research by Istanbul Gelisim University faculty members that will benefit our country and humanity is carried out and disseminated and to ensure the development of interdisciplinary and international cooperation.

Scientific Research Projects Coordination


Istanbul Gelişim University is committed to instilling the spirit of entrepreneurship in its students and uncovering their potential in this field through education, events, and projects. The university offers opportunities for students to bring their ideas to life through entrepreneurship competitions, workshops, and academic research. Additionally, the university provides mentorship and advisory services to entrepreneurial students, supporting them in successfully carrying out their projects.


Istanbul Gelişim University aims to equip its students with skills that meet the demands of the modern era through a technology and innovation-focused education approach. The university offers the latest technological facilities to students through its modern laboratories and technological infrastructure. In addition, industry-collaborated projects and internship programs provide students with the opportunity to gain experience in the field of technology and become ready for the industry.


Istanbul Gelişim University supports students and academics in protecting and commercializing innovative ideas and inventions. The R&D centers and innovation offices within the university offer consultancy services in patent applications, helping to complete the process quickly and effectively. Furthermore, the university organizes events and awards to promote successful patent applications and inventions on international platforms.



Innovation in Numbers