Istanbul Gelisim University

International Accreditations

Go Beyond Your Development Limits

On our path to becoming a respected world university, we have made significant investments in physical capacity, human resources, and quality education areas, and initiated the international accreditation process in 2017. We applied to German, British, and American accreditation organizations for various fields ranging from health sciences to sports sciences, and from social sciences to engineering sciences.

While becoming the university with the most internationally accredited programs in Turkey, a total of 65 programs of Istanbul Gelişim University have been thoroughly examined and accredited by international expert committees appointed by organizations such as AQAS, AHPGS and ABET in terms of quality assurance evaluations.

ABET accreditation provides assurance that Istanbul Gelişim University's programs meet the quality standards of the profession for which its graduates are prepared. The university offers its students an education that meets internationally recognized quality standards through ABET-accredited programs.

Departments with Accreditation

AQAS plays a significant role in the development of European Higher Education. Istanbul Gelişim University, as a full member of the European Association for Quality Assurance in Higher Education (ENQA) through its AQAS membership, commits to act according to the European Standards and Guidelines.

Departments with Accreditation

AHPGS promotes the quality and transparency of university education courses and Higher Education Institutions, guaranteeing competitive international quality standards for Bachelor's and Master's degrees. Istanbul Gelişim University elevates the quality standards of its programs to an international level through this accreditation.

Departments with Accreditation

Break the Boundaries with an Internationally Recognized Diploma

Accreditation certificates issued by international independent organizations indicate that the educational program meets academic and field-specific international standards. At the same time, since the programs are periodically audited, it also represents the continuity of quality standards.

Students graduating from departments with international accreditation have an internationally recognized diploma.