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Good News from the Students of the Radio, Television and Cinema Department!

Students of Istanbul Gelişim University (IGU), Faculty of Fine Arts (FAF), Radio, Television and Cinema Department continue to achieve significant success in festivals with the short films they have shot. Written and directed by Ferit Doğan, a fourth-year student at the Department of Radio, Television and Cinema, and the cinematographer Berk Köse, the short film "Past, Future, Now" continues its festival journey successfully..

"Past, Future, Now", which was previously screened at the Black Cat Award International Film Festival held in Bolivia and the Kalakari Film Festival held in Indonesia, was screened at the Bifocal Film Festival organized by the University of Pennsylvania in the USA, Student Narrative It was awarded the best short film award (in the category of short films made by students). The film, which won a selection at the Student Cuts Film Festival in Slovenia right after this great success, will meet with the audience between 10-12 May.x

They achieve success as a team!

The duo, who had a successful festival journey in the short film Process, which is another project of Ferit Doğan and Berk Köse, continues to work as a team. Stating that they are happy with the success of the films in the festival journey, Doğan said that after these successes, his dreams are growing day by day.

In the "Past, Future, Now" project, Doğan stated that he wanted to highlight the damage caused by traumas to the human mind, and in the dystopian future he created in the film, he creates a universe where it is now possible to embark on a mental journey. Desire, the protagonist of the film, who goes on a mental journey, wanders through meaningless or strange places while wandering in the dark corners of her mind. Adding that they prefer to confront the characters with their desires, passions and fears in "Process", "Past, Future, Now" and their next project "Stendhal", Doğan underlines that storytelling becomes much more enjoyable as they explore human nature.

The festival journey of the New project is about to begin!

In addition to Köse and Doğan, who continue their collaboration in their new movie "Stendhal" as well as in the films "Past, Future, Now" and "Process", other friends from the same class, Buğra Cihan Çakır, Beyza Sude Yüksel and İsmail Akbal, who are in the crew of each film stands out as other partners of success in. Having completed their new project, Stendhal, the team will work to bring the film to the audience at festivals.

Good News from the Students of the Radio, Television and Cinema Department! Created Date: :   Thursday, May 4, 2023

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