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School principals and counsellors to be trained in Mardin

The training programs organized by Istanbul Gelisim University in Mardin are to start. School principals and counsellors will attend the training, which will begin on November 13.

Trainings for school principals and counsellors are to start in Mardin. "Educational Leadership" and "Empowering the Learner" trainings organized by Istanbul Gelisim University will be given by Asst. Prof. Derya Kavgaoğlu.


Making statements about the details of the 'Educational Leadership' program that school principals will attend, Asst. Prof. Derya Kavgaoğlu stated that the program is designed to support the management practices of school leaders by accelerating the contemporary education and leadership theories.

Stating that the training will take about two hours, Kavgaoğlu said, "The program will be an interactive session where all the elements in the leader's attention such as leadership competencies, the language of communication of leadership, corporate culture and climate, communication with followers, providing professional development of teachers and creating an effective school with effective team management will be handled through group activities and games. By encouraging professional communication and experience sharing among school administrators, the Training Program will offer the opportunity to observe and experience individually differentiated leadership practices in common administrative problems.”


Sharing the details of the trainings to be provided for counsellors, Kavgaoğlu said, “The Empowering the Learner program aims to provide alternative application principles that will support the counselling intervention functions of the school counsellor in order to strengthen the learner profile, and where the perspective of educational psychology is blended with educational management and program development practices.”

Kavgaoğlu ended her statements as follows:

“With the program which is an interactive environment supported by group activities and games, where the areas where the student can be strengthened directly or indirectly, such as the organizational structure that supports the student, the power of administrative communication, the areas of action that support the students in the school program development processes, the changing profile of the student and the teacher, will be discussed and the principles of practice related to these areas will be shared. By encouraging professional communication and experience sharing among counsellors, the curriculum offers the opportunity to reinterpret the usual intervention techniques of the counselling field with a scientific perspective and to experience an alternative system setup to empower students.”

School principals and counsellors to be trained in Mardin Created Date: :   Thursday, November 11, 2021

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