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SCImago University Rankings 2023 Results

SCImago University Rankings has published its 2023 report, which ranks the research, innovation and social impacts of world universities according to percentiles. SCImago University Rankings is a ranking system that measures the social and scientific impact and innovation of universities around the world.

SCImago University Rankings aims to give a general idea about universities by measuring their performance in terms of research, innovation and social impact. The report published after the research can help students, academicians, researchers and other interested parties evaluate universities.
For students, this ranking helps them learn about the quality, effectiveness and prestige of a university in international education. For academic staff and researchers, this ranking provides information on the research activities and effects of universities in different disciplines.
The research performance of SCImago Turkey University Ranking of Istanbul Gelisim University, where multidisciplinary studies are intense, draws attention. According to the evaluation of SCOPUS research output data; Istanbul Gelisim University ranked 2nd in Law, 5th in Civil Engineering, 7th in Industrial Engineering, 32nd in Psychology, 9th in Engineering, 3rd in Environmental Science and 7th in Business Administration among the universities in Turkey.

SCImago University Ranking is very significant for measuring and evaluating the performance of universities, particularly in developing countries. This ranking increases the international recognition of universities in these countries. This ranking offers a more comprehensive perspective when measuring the performance of universities, focusing not only on research impact but also on social impact and sustainability.

SCImago Institutions Rankings

Area World Middle East OECD Turkey
Environmental Science 630 20 352 3
Business, Management and Accounting 1096 45 759 7
Engineering 1363 45 901 9
Civil and Structural Engineering 575 22 358 5
Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering
928 41 541 7
Economics, Econometrics and Finance 1592 97 979 26
Energy 1967 146 1117 27
Computer Science 2489 164 1516 29
Social Sciences        
774 22 623 2
Sociology and Political Science
1355 42 1044 12
Geography, Planning and Development
1424 81 908 16

When the data of Istanbul Gelisim University in the Evolution of the Institute are analyzed, it is seen that the investment made by the university in scientific research has increased in recent years and the quality of its scientific output has increased as well. This is very crucial in terms of increasing the academic impact and social benefit of the university. Moreover, the increase in innovation capacity and the increase in interaction with the society are among the other factors that demonstrate the success of the university.


SCImago University Rankings 2023 Results Created Date: :   Wednesday, March 29, 2023

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