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SHY-147 Recognized School B2 Avionics Laboratory Opening Ceremony of Faculty of Applied Sciences was Held!

SHY-147 Recognized School B2 Avionics Laboratory within the body of Avionics Department of the Faculty of Applied Science (FoAS) was inaugurated on 22.05.2023 with the participations of Istanbul Gelisim University Rector Prof. Dr. Bahri Şahin, Vice Rectors Prof. Dr. Nuri Kuruoğlu and Prof. Dr. Necmettin Maraşlı, FoAS Dean Prof. Dr. Kamil Kaya, Dean of the Faculty of Dentistry Prof. Dr. Mahir Günday, Director of Istanbul Gelisim Vocational School Assist. Prof. Dr. İsmail Cem Ay, FoAS Vice Deans and Faculty Members and students.

At the opening ceremony of the laboratory located in the classroom number 086 in the G-Block Vocational School campus, Dean of the Faculty of Applied Sciences Prof. Dr. Kamil Kaya underlined in his speech the fact that the laboratory is unique in Turkey, as well as its superior and different technical features that offer students the opportunity to perform a wide variety of applications. Prof. Dr. Kamil Kaya stated that IGU/ FoAS Avionics Department is one of the few in Turkey with the "Recognized School" status authorized by the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) within the scope of B2 Avionics. Dean Prof. Kamil Kaya said that: "Our students take B2 Avionics category SHY 66 module courses in addition to YÖK courses. At the end of the academic year, students who both meet the course success criteria set by the Council of Higher Education (YÖK) and who are successful in SHY 147 Task application trainings are eligible to take module retention exams and are entitled to receive the SHY 147 Recognized School certificate together with their undergraduate diplomas. SHY 147 TASK training is an applied training and is given by instructors with industry background in full-fledged laboratory environments approved by the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA). The inaugurated B2 Avionics Laboratory is an educational establishment equipped with synthetic training sets required for TASK trainings and meets the criteria of DGCA." Dean Prof. Dr. Kamil Kaya also expressed his gratitude to Mr. Abdülkadir Gayretli, Chairman of the Board of Trustees, and all those who contributed to the establishment of the laboratory.

Later, IGU Rector Prof. Dr. Bahri Şahin stated that he is delighted to have 147 Recognized Schools B2 Avionics Laboratory, which offers a wide application area to students in terms of technology.

After the opening speeches, the ribbon cutting took place thereafter the laboratory was visited and examined, and Lecturer Mehmet Ateş from the Aircraft Maintenance and Repair Department showed the participants and students the applications of the Fire Warning System Training Set and Flight Simulation Training Set in the laboratory and explained the working principles. Avionics1st and 2nd grade students presented the circuits and projects they had previously made in laboratory courses to the participants and fellow students.

Later, Rector Prof. Dr. Bahri Şahin and the participants visited the other aircraft laboratories under the guidance of Lecturer Mehmet Ateş after the inaugurated B2 Avionics laboratory and informed about the aircraft class-laboratories and related equipment.

Istanbul Gelisim University has more than one department recognized by DGCA. In addition to 10 SHY-147 Recognized School laboratories established with the support of our Chairman of the Board of Trustees Abdulkadir Gayretli for these departments, there is also Pilot Melike Kuvvet Aircraft Hangar-Cessna 340A aircraft in Block J.

SHY-147 Recognized School B2 Avionics Laboratory Opening Ceremony of Faculty of Applied Sciences was Held! Created Date: :   Wednesday, May 24, 2023

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