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Support to earthquake victims from Fashion Design Program students

Istanbul Gelisim University Gelisim Vocational School students said “Let's Do Our Best!” , and manufactured apparel for disaster victims in earthquake areas. After 7 days of manufacturing, the clothes were sent to be delivered to the region.

The wounds of the earthquake occurred in Kahramanmaraş on February 6 and caused great destruction in 12 provinces have been continued to bind up. Being by the side of disaster victims with many support and aid campaigns since the first day of the earthquake, Istanbul Gelisim University produced apparels for the disaster victims, with the İstanbul Gelisim Vocational School Fashion Design Program students, by saying "Let's Do Our Best!" Stating that volunteer students participated in the studies, Lecturer Şerif Pınar Tunçok said that many products such as tracksuits, ponchos, scarves and gloves were produced for women, men and children.

The work lasted 7 days

Istanbul Gelisim University Gelisim  Vocational School (IGMYO) Fashion Design Club students have swung into action, by saying  “Let's Do Our Best!”, for the earthquake caused great destruction in 12 provinces. The volunteer students of IGU produced tracksuits, coats, ponchos, scarves and gloves for the disaster victims in 12 provinces. In the project, where the work lasted 7 days, the cut-and-sew waste were also evaluated within the framework of sustainability, and they were used in the manufacture of mattresses and pillows for earthquake zones and as support for the filling. Lecturer Şerif Pınar Tunçok, who is the project manager, stated that they produced with a small group of 7-8 people, and that they received support from many companies for fabric and auxiliary materials in this process.

Support to earthquake victims from Fashion Design Program students Created Date: :   Tuesday, March 7, 2023

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